Please find our contents list below. Equipment is ideal for onsite mobile accommodation & testing renting solutions to the medical industry and providing essential transport for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Equipment list is for four persons in a Discoverer 4 or 6 camper. This list will be adjusted for different amount of persons travelling (for example, two persons in a camper will have less of certain items):
4 x breakfast and dinner plates (real crockery)
4 x cups and saucers
4 x cereal bowls (real crockery)
4 x wine/ beer/ lemonade/ whisky glasses
7 x plastic food container different sizes
1 x strainer
1 x cutting board
4 x spoons/ forks/ knives/ teaspoons/ tablespoons
4 x steak knives
1 x soup ladle/ peeling knife/ bread knife/ serving spoon set/ mixer/ grater
1 x thermos flask/ tea pot
1 x bbq tongs/ tin opener/ cork screw/ scissors/ egg lifter/ cheese knife
1 x kettle
1 x pan
3 x pots
1 x bucket and dishes basin
1 x dustpan and broom/ washing line and pegs
1 x adapter
8 x clothes hangers
1 x dish brush
1 x bread container
2 x duvet/ duvet cover/ blanket/ double sheet/ dish cloth/ floor cloth
4 x pillow and pillow cases
2 x kitchen towels and tea towels
8 x hand towels
4 x bath towels
4 x camping chair
1 x camping table
1 x water container
1 x toolkit/ jack/ electricity cable/ warning triangles/ wheel levelers
1 x gas bottles (2 x for Discoverer 4 and 6)
1 x fire extinguisher